You’re Probably Too Busy [Part 3]

In my previous article, I wrote about the insight that changed my view of the problem of busyness. It was this:

“I am not Jesus… but I can look to Him.”

A few days ago, I wrote about the first part of this statement, and today I explain the other half. Here it goes.

 …but I can look to Him

Now Jesus was just out of this world (no pun intended). He was already teaching priests at the age of 12 at the temple (Luke 2:41-50). He had a ministry that lasted only three years, yet no other ministry has lived and thrived as much as His did thousands of years after His time. He was just something else, if you know what I mean.

And yet, even though He is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Chosen One, the Savior of the world, and all His other titles, He did not do it all during his lifetime.

Think about it.

He did not heal everyone He met. (Why do you think that woman who was bleeding for twelve years had to make her way through the crows to reach out and touch his clothes?)

He did not raise all the dead back to life (which would’ve been a frightening sight).

He did not, with one snap of a finger, free all the demon possessed people in the world during His time.

I’m not saying that He couldn’t do it. I’m just saying that He didn’t do it. Why?

One word: mission.


You had one job.

You know that famous movie line? Jesus practically invented it during his lifetime. All because of three things:

#1 Jesus knew His mission.

  1. You know that famous movie line, “You had one job”? Jesus practically invented this line during his lifetime.As the Son of God, Jesus already knew the mission set out for him by the Father.
  2. Jesus knew that one job and stuck to it.Yes, He healed the sick, taught about God’s Kingdom, forgave sinners, made friends with the rejects, got rid of demon possessed people, raised the dead to life, and reached out to women… But He did all these as He made His way to the cross. By knowing His mission, Jesus saved the whole of mankind.


#2 Jesus was secured in His mission.

  1. As the Son of God, Jesus had unlimited power. He stopped storms with a wave of his hand (Mark 4:35-41). He brought an official’s daughter back to life (Mark 5:38-43).To quote John 21:25, “Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.” There is no doubt of Jesus’ power.Yet, while he could have solved everything without even lifting a finger, he did not address all the felt needs of the world.

    He was secure in His mission, and did not feel the need to add to the mission the God has set out for Him. He had nothing to prove, and did not look for approval from anyone but His Heavenly Father.

    By being secure in His mission, Jesus saved the whole of mankind.


#3 Jesus obeyed His mission.

One popular episode in the Bible was set in the garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:40-46). This was Jesus the night before He would be betrayed and offered up to the soldiers. The night before He fulfilled His destiny.

Whenever I read this episode, I couldn’t help but think of the pain that Jesus felt at that moment. To have such agony come out of you in the form of blood. To be on your knees as you knew the pain that was to come. To already have thoughts of the unbearable weight of humanity’s sin on you as you hung on a cross. To know that your friend would betray you minutes later.

Jesus knew all of that, felt all of that, but obeyed anyway.

While it takes a lot of humility to obey something without seeing the big picture, Jesus demonstrated the kind of humility to obey despite knowing the big picture.

And the big picture, of saving and raising our souls from the deadness of our sins, and restoring us back to Him again, was enough to keep Him in perfect obedience.

By obeying His mission, Jesus saved the whole of mankind.


Putting it all together…

“I am not Jesus… but I can look to Him.”

We aren’t Jesus, and that’s a big relief.

Our lives—from the work we’ve produced, the home we built, or the people we’ve reached out to—is not the be-all-end-all solution of the world. The world will one day go on without us one day, and that’s okay. We can get over ourselves now.

Life was never about us but about Him who loved us when we were at our best, and loved us even more when we were at our worst.

In the same breath, we can look to Jesus to see what it means to live a life of intentionality and purpose. Jesus was able to live his life to the fullest because he knew His mission, was secured in His mission, and fully obeyed His mission.

When we exercise all three, we will get to fully experience—without any distractions— the life that God destined for us. Nothing more, nothing less.

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