The Girl Between the Mountain

Enoch walked with God. – Genesis 5:22

One morning I was reflecting on what it means to walk with God. And as imperfect as this description might be, perhaps this is what it could look like.

A girl in a white dress sees a crack opening in the mountain in front of her. It looked almost impossible to cross.

She comes from a land—not a great land, just one that was good enough. Then, fully convinced that the beautiful and bountiful land lies on the other side, she sets out to walk between the mountain.

At first, she is slow. She is wary about cutting herself. She just has enough room to get her to the next step. But soon, she picks up speed, confident that she has enough space between the mountain for the next step. And the next. And the next.

The light is so much bigger than she expected on the other side, now that she is in the middle of it. It brightens her path like never before.

She starts to practically run, and the rocks start cutting at her flesh—as if they hated it. But there is this fresh, cool wind coming from the land ahead and the skies above.

There are some more cuts, stings, and now tears from her favorite white dress. For some reason, the wind seems to dry the blood of some, close the wounds of others—but not completely.

It has become a path that hates the flesh, but is filled with the comfort of wind.

The light and wind carries her through as she paces, with one step in front of the other, across this mountain.

She does not know how long it would take her to reach the other side. But surprisingly there is no weariness in her—she is captured and drawn by the vision of the beautiful land that awaits her there. Her purpose is to simply cross over.

Photo credits: Jackson Hayes

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