It was the little things.

Last Sunday night, my friends—the Gals—and I went on our weekly video call. We usually reserved the hot seat to the gal who entered the call last (this week it was Iya again), but Mau’s question was way too good to not direct it to the entire group.

“What are the top five things you’ll miss the most (about today)?”

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Birthday in a Pandemic

July 15, Wednesday.

Uy, wake up na,” my brother Ton calls from below the bunk bed.

“Is there food?“ I ask.

“Yes pancakes,” he says. “Courtesy of Lui.”

My mom also wakes me up moments later. “Is there coffee?” I ask her.

“Yes,” she says. “The Dream Coffee.”

On that note, I sprung up from my bed. I arrived at my mom’s place just the day before, and had planned to spend my birthday week there.

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On Endings

July 22, 4:45 PM.

I was caught in the middle of a blackout from the rain; attending to something at work when suddenly, one particular thought floated above sea level. I stopped what I was doing to accommodate it, but it hit me like dawn after a long night:

Today is my last official day at work.

I surprised myself. When I expected to feel the usual grief that came with goodbyes, what came was a dose of fresh excitement. I found myself smiling and thinking, “Now that was a good run.”

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Five Years

Note: It was difficult for me to decide if I wanted to publish this or not. Had to edited certain parts, even. But what eventually led me to just go for it was the thought of my future self telling my present self, “At one point in your life, you loved and worked and shared life with these amazing people doing crazy things that you all knew only God could pull off. Don’t forget this time. Don’t forget these people. May He complete the work that He started in all of us.”

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