How Do I Know Which Lipstick Shade Fits Me?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a love for lipsticks and skincare. I’ve made friends with salesladies, brands, and other skincare fans. That’s why, with a little nudging from my friends (thank you, you know who you are), I’ve decided to start writing about my experiences.

For my first piece, here’s a very common question I get asked a lot about lipsticks:

“How do I know which lipstick shade fits me?”

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Faith That Climbs Mountains

Abraham had two things that he coupled with his faith: trust and obedience. He had the faith to trust God when he did not know what would await him on the peak of the mountain, what was to become of his son, and what was to become of the promise that God once told him. At the same time, Abraham had the faith to obey God and listen to His voice wholeheartedly, immediately, and completely in the face of uncertainty.

Mountains. In Matthew 17: 20, Jesus told his disciples that faith, even as small as a mustard seed, has the power to move even mountains. But have you ever asked yourself what happens when you’ve done and believed all you could, but that ‘mountain’ in your life still remains rooted on the ground?

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Faith That Moves Mountains

I once heard a story from one of the teachers at kids church. A Christian dies and goes to heaven. He meets the apostle Peter, and Peter shows him around. While on tour, the Christian notices a very massive warehouse, and asks Peter what it is. Peter invites him to take a look inside.

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