July 22, 4:45 PM.

I was caught in the middle of a blackout from the rain; attending to something at work when suddenly, one particular thought floated above sea level. I stopped what I was doing to accommodate it, but it hit me like dawn after a long night:

Today is my last official day at work.

I surprised myself. When I expected to feel the usual grief that came with goodbyes, what came was a dose of fresh excitement. I found myself smiling and thinking, “Now that was a good run.”

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Photo credits: Christin Hume

I write this at a time when I probably should be sleeping. And it’s probably because I might not have the pleasure of writing this any other time or any other day, really.

We live in such an erratic time in history. I know it’s only been 20 years since the beginning of the century, but the past three months of 2020 have felt like five years wrapped up in one big punch in the gut.