She is Sam.

She graduated with a degree in communication, and minor in literature. She dabbled in the advertising industry for over a year, before working for the ministry.

She is an avid collector of notes and different shades of lipstick. She reads too many books to keep track of, and always carries a little notebook around to take down what ever occupies her at the moment. She loves to travel and take amateur photos while on vacation.  If she could read, write, shoot, and travel all at once, that would spell out her ideal vacation.

If there was one thing she wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of her life, it would be learning, teaching, and engaging others about Jesus. This thought eventually became the reason behind She Writes Him.

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram as @shewriteshim

You can talk and message her on Twitter as @shewriteshim_ 



She writes of


She discovered her passion for writing in stages. As a kid who rewrote the endings of her favorite childhood stories and cartoons. As a teenager who wrote chapters of a young adult fiction in a worn-out notebook during class (thankfully those never got published). As a fresh graduate who fell in love and experimented with copywriting. The rest was history.

In this category, she publishes her works from other platforms and in other forms. Her own bouquet of ideas.


These are the snippets and pieces of everyday life. The routines and trivialities that we don’t always notice right away. The days that feel so natural to us, and the comfort of rhythm may easily take a hold of us.

In this category, she rewrites the everyday into what they were meant to be. To experience the hope at every dawn, and peace that comes with nightfall. To celebrate blessed labor, yet have the discipline to rest. To learn the art of meaningful conversation, and the power of solitude. To make the everyday extraordinary.


She been to far places, seen spectacular sights, but none seemed to capture her heart. That all changed when she encountered her greatest adventure, Jesus.

This is the adventure that we have in Christ: that we get to search and know Him more each day through His Word, experiences, and people. Nothing else in all of creation will be as thrilling, action-packed, dynamic, or as valuable, life-changing, satisfying, or worthwhile than the pursuit of the One who first pursued us.

In this category, she shares and bears several episodes from this adventure. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The God moments, battle scars, and recurring life lessons. Because faith isn’t a means to get by, a great lesson to remember, or a test to score high in; faith is the adventure of a lifetime.


Seasons can be daunting at times. They set the stage for the things we care about, the types of network we build, the concerns that fill our day to day life, and the way we spend our money.

Other times, seasons are just plain silly. One day, you could just be thinking of your plans for the weekend; then a year later you could be thinking about where you’ll apply for a job. Or how much you need to set aside to pay for insurance. Or what your grocery list this weekend would look like. Or what would be the table toppers at your wedding reception. (Okay, I think I’ve gone too far there.) The key to living life fearlessly, non-apologetically, and fully is by knowing your season.

In this category, she shares stories from her life, as well as other women’s lives, that deal with the shifting concerns of the seasons. She writes about insights—the joys, mistakes, aches, and musings—that she learns (and is still learning) in her season.