Five Years.

Note: It was difficult for me to decide if I wanted to publish this or not. Had to edited certain parts, even. But what eventually led me to just go for it was the thought of my future self telling my present self, “At one point in your life, you loved and worked and shared life with these amazing people doing crazy things that you all knew only God could pull off. Don’t forget this time. Don’t forget these people. May He complete the work that He started in all of us.”

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After five crazy, full, and exciting years,
A week’s worth of tears, prayers, grief, conversations, eating whatever I could get my hands on, skin allergies, acne, and body pain,
And three tears-striken, emotional phone calls later,
I’ve decided to resign from serving in the ministry.

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A Message to Today’s Communicators

Photo credits: Christin Hume

I write this at a time when I probably should be sleeping. And it’s probably because I might not have the pleasure of writing this any other time or any other day, really.

We live in such an erratic time in history. I know it’s only been 20 years since the beginning of the century, but the past three months of 2020 have felt like five years wrapped up in one big punch in the gut.

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