Over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a love for lipsticks and skincare. I’ve made friends with salesladies, brands, and other skincare fans. That’s why, with a little nudging from my friends (thank you, you know who you are), I’ve decided to start writing about my experiences.

For my first piece, here’s a very common question I get asked a lot about lipsticks:

“How do I know which lipstick shade fits me?”


My answer is to look at your natural self; look at your skin.

Look at your skin.

When choosing a shade, I want to advice you to stop looking at those models on those ads who are pouting the boldest shades. Refrain from “Adding to Cart” at that Lazada catalogue (just “Add to Wishlist” first). Stop asking the salesladies what the bestselling shade is.


I discovered the answer through several failed shopping experiences due to several wrong presumptions. Presumptions like:


-If a particular lipstick shade looked good on the model who was also fair-skinned, it would look good on me too;
-If a particular shade, swatch, or digitally-enhanced swoosh of the lippie looked good on an online catalogue, then it was my shade too;
-If I ask the saleslady what the bestseller is and she gives me that shade, then it would match me instantly.


These presumptions resulted in wasted money, even if the product was at a discounted drugstore price. Money is still a resource, and we are called to be good stewards of the resources we are given. (On a side note: Speaking of bestselling shades, I’ve learned that while certain shades may be performing well in the market, the market does not necessarily match your skin color.)

Green or Blue?

So look at your skin. A good way to finding out your natural skin tone is to try this exercise:


Position both arms in front on you, with your palms facing up, like you’re holding a tray. Examine the veins you have in your wrist area.


Are your veins mostly green or blue?


If your veins by your wrists are blue, you have a cool undertone. Women with cool undertones look good with silver jewelry and cool lipstick undertones (blue and purple).


If your veins by your wrists are green, you have a warm undertone. Women with warm undertones look good with gold jewelry and warm lipstick undertones (orange and red)


If it’s a balanced mix of blue and green, then you can carry either of the two undertones.


I used to think that I had a warm undertone because my skin color was leaning towards the yellow Asian kind. I would buy gold accessories and swipe on super orangey lippies that sadly didn’t suit me. It was only when I started experimenting on different accessories and lippies where I discovered this how I was working with the wrong undertone all along!


Now here’s another question that you might be asking by now–Why go to lengths to discover the right shades of lipstick? What’s so important about choosing the right lipsticks anyway?

The Right Shade for You

Here’s the thing.


The lipstick you use will spell the difference between you looking fresh and looking washed out.


Other benefits of choosing the right shade of lipstick include a healthier overall glow and an increased emphasis on your other facial features. (Note: wrong shades of lipsticks only distract the audience from your features, instead of compliment and highlighting them)


With this, happy swatching, shopping, and swiping. Trust me, your future lips will thank you for it.


*Product on photo: Maybelline’s SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick (more on this another time)

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