I have to admit how weird it feels to write again. I’ve been away for a couple of months because of the many things I was tending to.

At first it was because of a conference that happened last August. Then it became about work, women from my small group, family matters, singles ministry, helping a couple of friends, and the list goes on. Before I knew it, everything snowballed into this pile of “stuff” I had to attend to.


Then last Thursday happened. I was having dinner with a friend to celebrate a milestone in her career. When she started recounting her journey since the start of the year, without thinking, I blurted out what was on my mind. “Wow, I can’t believe you remembered what the start of the year was for you. I can’t even remember mine.”

She looked at me strangely but continued with her story.


Towards the end of the night, she told me, “I can’t believe you forgot what the start of the year was for you, because I remember—it was your website!”

To be honest, I think I would’ve felt better if she slapped me in the face; because those words pointed out the truth behind my state of mind these past months. I’ve been distracted lately. Caught up with life. Reactive. And even if there are only less than two months left before the year was over, I knew that I needed to start over.


So where do you start in starting over? To tell you the truth, I can’t say that I know the exact answers to this question (as I am still in the process of it). But, in the coming weeks, I’ll be writing on some of the places I’ve discovered so far.

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