A Message to Today’s Communicators

Photo credits: Christin Hume

I write this at a time when I probably should be sleeping. And it’s probably because I might not have the pleasure of writing this any other time or any other day, really.

We live in such an erratic time in history. I know it’s only been 20 years since the beginning of the century, but the past three months of 2020 have felt like five years wrapped up in one big punch in the gut.

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Thoughts on Truffle

“My mother-in-law would always apologize before serving dinner when I was in attendance, saying, ‘This must seem pretty ordinary for a chef . . .’ She had no idea how magical, how reassuring, how pleasurable her simple meat loaf was for me, what a delight even lumpy mashed potatoes were-being, as they were, blessedly devoid of truffles or truffle oil,” wrote the late world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain in his book “Kitchen Confidential”.

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Birthday Wishes

Photo credits: Aneta Pawlik

“What’s your birthday wish?” I asked, as I turned to one of my closest friends.

We celebrated her birthday a few hours prior. Salad, pasta, and chicken. A handful of guests just enough to fill her dining table. No cake, I noticed. Or maybe that was intentional.

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