The most powerful weapon in the universe. Heals, kills, breaks, and fixes…all in less than a second.

What if I told you that the most powerful weapon in the universe is something you already possessed?  The catch is, that you are not its sole possessor. Everyone has it. Does this make it any less special? Not quite.

The weapon I’m talking about is not something most people would expect. It’s something they release throughout the day, and channel onto others. The way its handled can spell the difference between life and death. What is this weapon?



 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

Proverbs 18: 21

Just how powerful are words? Here are three points on the power of words.


1. Words inflict.

Think about how you grew up. What were the words that echoed in your home? More often than not, the words that children heard their parents say stayed with them even after they have left home. A few of these may have even made it somewhere into your vocabulary today.

But at the same time I think of the effects words can bring. Pain and healing. Misery and joy. I think of the many adults today who are living with the need to perform just because their parents never told them how proud they were.

The very words you choose can spell out the difference. They are available, yet irrefutable. Effective, yet at times destructive. We handle them so carelessly sometimes, even though we are never able to see the full effect of what we’ve inflicted on others years, maybe even decades, later. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.


2. Words influence.

Think of some of the biggest moments in history. The Holocaust. The Human Rights Movement. The Women’s March. The spread of Christianity.

While these movements were driven by some of the most memorable personalities, a big part of their influence had come from the words the leaders chose to drive these movements–to the front lines of a battle, to bring people to their knees, to spread about ideas throughout the world, and unfortunately, to cut short the lives of many. Clearly the words spoken by our forefathers have influenced the landscape of modern times. The history of mankind lies in the power of the tongue.


3. Words intervene.

Despite all the harm that a single word can do, words, when spoken carefully, can bring about the life you’ve been hoping for. This is where the power of prayer lies. And what’s even more powerful? Praying using the very words of God Himself. Praying according to scripture.

Before I got to know Jesus, I never really cared about praying. Sure, I would pray whenever I was about to take an exam. I would also find myself desperately begging some sort of higher being out there whenever something went wrong. But I never really saw the value of praying.

That was, until January of 2016, when a pastor pressed us with the question, “How many of God’s promises in the Bible remain unclaimed by you?”

God speaks His promises for us through His Word, the Bible. They are undeniable and unchanging. This is why we can claim God’s promises using the Bible.

And when the words we declare in faith are the words of a steadfast, powerful, and everlasting God, then these words become the very essence of life… the makings of a miracle. The best part about it is that these are His gift to all who call upon His name.


The question is, whose words are you speaking today?

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