Where to Start When Starting Over [Part 1]

I have to admit how weird it feels to write again. I’ve been away for a couple of months because of the many things I was tending to.

At first it was because of a conference that happened last August. Then it became about work, women from my small group, family matters, singles ministry, helping a couple of friends, and the list goes on. Before I knew it, everything snowballed into this pile of “stuff” I had to attend to.

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Finding God in Busyness

I’ve got a major event coming up in August, and even as early as now, I’m already fighting for some time to still write. So from now up to August, the only time I can find to think about my articles is when I’m in the restroom. Not very inspiring, I know.

I once heard that busyness is one threat to our spirituality. I instantly thought, okay great the lesson here is to never make yourself too busy. After that, I dismissed busyness as evil, to the point where I was already apologizing in advance to God for the months ahead.

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Two Habits We Never Outgrow

I have to admit that writing on busyness made me reflect a lot about how I spent my time. I wanted to change, but at the problem was, I didn’t know just how to. So I sat down with a colleague of mine who was gifted in strategizing and analyzing data. I laid out all the set commitments I had, and all the tasks I wanted to include in the week.

At the end of it, not only did I gain a saner mind when it came to managing my time, the exercise also allowed me to get a picture of the things I could do to improve other parts of my life. Charles Duhigg in “The Power of Habit” describes these as a keystone habit. If you fix that one keystone habit, then this dominoes into fixing the other habits tied to it. The key is to figure out what they are in your life.

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God & Dog: Thoughts on Approaching My Master

I have two dogs, Daisy and Winnie. Daisy is a golden mix between a Shih Tzu, Corgi, and Lhasa Apso. Winnie the poodle (pun intended), on the other hand, is a chocolate toy Poodle.

After my family got used to having two dogs in the house, it became evident that they had such different personalities from one another. What was particularly clear was how differently they reacted to treats.

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Between Death and Life

The most powerful weapon in the universe. Heals, kills, breaks, and fixes…all in less than a second.

What if I told you that the most powerful weapon in the universe is something you already possessed?  The catch is, that you are not its sole possessor. Everyone has it. Does this make it any less special? Not quite.

The weapon I’m talking about is not something most people would expect. It’s something they release throughout the day, and channel onto others. The way its handled can spell the difference between life and death. What is this weapon?

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Truce: When We Agree To Disagree

Have you ever argued with another Christian over opposing views? Or ever tried stopping another Christian from doing something you don’t necessarily agree with?

I’m not talking about those questions that the Bible obviously calls sin like “Is it wrong to steal money even if you don’t get caught?”. I’m talking about those tricky questions like, “How far is too far to go when dating?”

These issues are of the messy kind and they bring with it a lot of different, opposing views. And because of the wide range of answers we may get from people, there’s a tendency to get into an argument or two over these.

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Faith That Climbs Mountains

Abraham had two things that he coupled with his faith: trust and obedience. He had the faith to trust God when he did not know what would await him on the peak of the mountain, what was to become of his son, and what was to become of the promise that God once told him. At the same time, Abraham had the faith to obey God and listen to His voice wholeheartedly, immediately, and completely in the face of uncertainty.

Mountains. In Matthew 17: 20, Jesus told his disciples that faith, even as small as a mustard seed, has the power to move even mountains. But have you ever asked yourself what happens when you’ve done and believed all you could, but that ‘mountain’ in your life still remains rooted on the ground?

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Faith That Moves Mountains

I once heard a story from one of the teachers at kids church. A Christian dies and goes to heaven. He meets the apostle Peter, and Peter shows him around. While on tour, the Christian notices a very massive warehouse, and asks Peter what it is. Peter invites him to take a look inside.

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The Super Christian

Do you know of a Super Christian? You know, someone who never seems to make any mistakes (or if they had any, the gravity of it would be that of accidentally killing an ant). The one who is always “on fire” for Jesus? The one who has raised the most student leaders? Well let me tell you something about these Super Christians…

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Finding Peace

The fear of not meeting a deadline, the worry of not making the varsity roster, the thought of a sick loved one, the fight you’re having with a close friend…what steals your peace?

A lot of the circumstances we go through during the day can possibly become “peace stealers.” In fact, for most of us, it only takes one bad thing to make our worlds crumble; leaving us shaking our heads, and crying out to God with, “Why???”

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If Tomorrow Would Be the Day

I came from the wake of one of my officemates last night*. She was 29 years old; a sweet, creative girl. The first person I knew from her department.

What particularly struck me about last night was the eulogy several of her high school and college friends gave. They painted a picture of the woman a lot of the audience knew and grown to love. For others who weren’t as close to her, it was a pleasant surprise to hear a wittier, playful side of her.

Then it got me thinking.

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