Thoughts on Opened Gifts

I woke up this morning in my old bunk bed—after 24 hours of transit and a couple more hours of unpacking. I decided to sleep in this morning—if 7:40 am can be considered sleeping in due to jet lag—and take it slow.

And just like that, 18 days have gone by and I am back in Manila. Just like that, I have witnessed perhaps was one of the greatest God-given adventures of my life thus far. Just like that, it’s July 28 and I’m reporting back to work tomorrow.

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Birthday Wishes

Photo credits: Aneta Pawlik

“What’s your birthday wish?” I asked, as I turned to one of my closest friends.

We celebrated her birthday a few hours prior. Salad, pasta, and chicken. A handful of guests just enough to fill her dining table. No cake, I noticed. Or maybe that was intentional.

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How Do I Know Which Lipstick Shade Fits Me?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a love for lipsticks and skincare. I’ve made friends with salesladies, brands, and other skincare fans. That’s why, with a little nudging from my friends (thank you, you know who you are), I’ve decided to start writing about my experiences.

For my first piece, here’s a very common question I get asked a lot about lipsticks:

“How do I know which lipstick shade fits me?”

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